Community Outreach Team

Our goal is to empower our local community to guide, build, and implement the BEVRI Plan to improve local livelihoods, strengthen our ability to adapt to future changes, and support healthy coastal and ocean ecosystems.

The Community Outreach Team plays a key role in interacting with community members to spread awareness about the Plan and opportunities to help build the Plan. The Outreach Team consists of community members with established connections to different community groups in our region. They are trained by the Planning Team to provide information, invite community input, share answers to frequently asked questions, and guide community members to resources for learning more. The Outreach Team will help to plan and host community outreach events, distribute surveys, facilitate interviews, and garner participation for listening sessions, focus groups, and workshops. This is our approach to strong two-way information exchange and peer to peer learning throughout the planning process.

Community Outreach Team trainings are held on the fourth Saturday of every month from 9-11am at Town Hall. New attendees are welcome to join us at 8:30am for a brief overview of the plan before the training begins. Visit our Event Calendar for more information.