The Blue Economy Plan brings people together at the intersection of environmental and economic sustainability to improve the lives of everyone in our community. We hope you’ll get involved today and bring your perspective to help develop an economically vibrant, and climate ready future for Fort Bragg and the larger Mendocino coastal region.

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Community Outreach Team

The Community Outreach Team consists of community members who have established connections within different segments of the population, and plays a key role in planning and hosting outreach events. Specifically, our objective is to identify environmental justice and to ensure techniques for outreach are crafted in collaboration with such groups.  Those interested in participating are encouraged to contact us for more information.

Public Meetings before Decision Makers

Regular updates will be provided to the Fort Bragg City Council, Noyo Harbor Commission, County Board of Supervisors, and Sherwood Valley Band of Pomo Tribal Council. Check out the calendar and attend an upcoming meeting.

Local Organizations and Board Presentations

Reach out to the Planning Team if you want to coordinate a presentation.  Already on the calendar is the Fort Bragg Rotary Club, Grass Roots Institute, Mendocino Land Trust, Mendocino Children’s Fund and more. 

Community Events & PoP-UPS!

The Plan will be coming to community events near you. Be on the lookout for the Blue Economy Outreach Team at local Farmer’s Markets, Grange Breakfasts, First Fridays, Noyo Harbor Fish Markets and more. If you are hosting a community event, we would love to participate! Please reach out and let us know the details.


Several site-specific studies will be conducted to better understand impacts of sea level rise, tsunami hazards and soil erosion due to increased wave action. We will also be doing water quality analysis to determine feasibility of introducing aquaculture into harbor activities. Much of this data will be technical information we will communicate out at workshops. Visual storytellers will work in concert with technical subject matter experts to shape these complex processes into visual stories tailored to the community. Join us and bring a friend.

Interviews and Focus Groups

We will be conducting individual and small group interviews to help distill salient themes, common goals, and understandings about the Plan. If you are interested in participating at this level, please send us a note to let us know. Please stay connected to learn more.


Take a few minutes to fill out our surveys! We will be conducting a total of seven (7) surveys throughout the planning process to gather community input on specific topics related to the Noyo Harbor BEVRI Plan.

Social Media

Big initiatives require collective action. And this planning effort is BIG. Share posts to connect your family, friends, and neighbors, and keep the conversation relevant to the issues you care about by reacting and commenting.

Share Ideas

Offer your thoughts and insights about how to improve the Noyo Harbor.