What is the Blue Economy?

The term ‘Blue Economy’ embodies many ocean-related industries that range from commercial to restorative, historical to innovative, and includes research and local ecological knowledge. The Noyo Harbor Blue Economy planning team supports the ‘blue economy’ definitions presented by:

  • The United Nations and World Bank, who describe the blue economy as the “sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth, improved livelihoods, and jobs while preserving the health of ocean ecosystems;” and
  • The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, who define the New Blue Economy as “a knowledge-based economy, looking to the sea not just for extraction of material goods, but for data and information to address societal challenges and inspire their solutions.”

Ultimately, we envision a blue economy that balances the sustainable use of the ocean and marine resources with ecosystem health, while supporting local livelihoods and community wellbeing.

Noyo Harbor – A Working Waterfront

Commercial and recreational fishing is central to the identity of Noyo Harbor and holds historical, cultural, and economic importance to Fort Bragg and the larger Mendocino area. Noyo Harbor is the one refuge between Bodega Bay in Sonoma County and Humboldt Bay in Humboldt Country and is nestled between the mouth of Noyo River and the redwood forests. The harbor is an all-weather port with 256 slips, a high dock with hoist for rent, and two boat launch facilities.

The Noyo Harbor District is governed by five commissioners, and the marina is operated by a Harbormaster and small staff. In June 2019, the Noyo Harbor Commission completed a Community Sustainability Plan (CSP) that identified twelve harbor-related projects that are of high importance to the local community. Four of these projects are already in progress, including an improved hoist and landing, upgraded flack ice and cold storage, a fish cleaning station, and a Local Coastal Program Amendment. The Noyo Harbor BEVRI Plan will inform updates to the City of Fort Bragg and Country of Mendocino Local Coastal Programs and will incorporate findings from the CSP.

Learn more about Noyo Harbor and our Harbormaster, Anna Nuemann, at VisitFortBraggCA.com.