Port of San Diego Blue Economy Incubator

In 2016, the Port of San Diego established the Aquaculture and Blue Technology Program, which serves as a launch pad for blue technology and sustainable aquaculture ventures. The program supports entrepreneurship and innovation by helping small businesses overcome barriers, such as providing physical space, key assets, funding, permitting and entitlement assistance, identifying key partnerships and strategic collaborations to scale pilot projects, and more. Check out all three editions of their Blue Economy Incubator Highlights publication and explore the incredible portfolio of nature based solutions and new businesses that are delivering multiple social, environmental and economic benefits.

The Program Manager, Paula Sylvia is a wealth of knowledge and experience. Ms. Sylvia was a keynote speaker at Fort Bragg’s Blue Economy Symposium and Leaning Festival in May 2022 and provides invaluable support and expertise as we work to further local efforts. Thank you, Paula!