The American Blue Economy Podcast

Tune into this American Shorelines Podcast Network and we promise you won’t regret it! Admiral Tim Gallaudet has a distinguished career as an oceanographer serving in the U.S. Navy and NOAA. Episodes are a bit challenging to find on the site, so patience is required to find all twelve.

• Episode 1: Introduction
• Episode 2: The Backbone of the Global Economy: The Marine Transportation System
• Episode 3: The Fun Stuff: Tourism and Recreation on the American Shoreline
• Episode 4: The Incredible Value of America’s Coral Reefs
• Episode 5: The Increasingly Important Role of Seafood, Wild Fisheries, and Aquaculture in a Changing World
• Episode 6: Life and Adventure of Bob Ballard
• Episode 7: Ocean Exploration, Mapping, and Characterization in the Blue Economy
• Episode 8: What Will Climate Change Mean for the Blue Economy?
• Episode 9: Coastal Resilience and the Blue Economy
• Episode 10: Year in Review: 2021 in the American Blue Economy
• Episode 11: The Central Role of STEM Education in the Blue Economy
• Episode 12: The Amazing Workforce Potential of the American Blue Economy